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Required Courses

Political Science 108: Essentials of Civic Engagement (3 credits)

          or Political Science 105: American Government and Politics (3 credits)

Communication 319: Persuasion (3 credits)

          or Journalism 211: Principles of Public Relations (3 credits)

Political Science 101: Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 credits)

          or Political Science 115: International Politics (3 credits)

Required Experience

One of the following three is required: (3 credits)

  • An internship experience of at least three credits approved by the civic engagement minor coordinator or;
  • A service learning experience of at least three credits approved by the civic engagement minor coordinator (Interdisciplinary Studies 366 or 367) or;
  • A semester-long study abroad experience of at least three credits approved by the civic engagement minor coordinator, which has been taken for UW Oshkosh credit.
Elective Tracks

Choose either the Domestic or the International Track.

Domestic Track

Complete 3 (9 credits) of the following courses:

History 369: America Since World War II (3 credits)
Political Science 310: Urban Politics (3 credits)
Political Science 315: Policy Analysis (3 credits)
Political Science 321: American Public Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 329: Political Psychology (3 credits)
Political Science 335: State and Local Government (3 credits)
Political Science 350: Political Behavior (3 credits)
Political Science 365: Congress in the American System (3 credits)
Political Science 380: Political Parties and Interest Groups (3 credits)
Sociology 311: Sociology of the Modern City (3 credits)
Sociology 342: Social Ecology (3 credits)

International Track

Complete 3 (9 credits) of the following courses:

Anthropology 338: Anthropology of Law and Politics (3 credits)
Anthropology 380: Globalization (3 credits)
Political Science 301: European Union Politics (3 credits)
Political Science 303: Women and Politics (3 credits)
Political Science 328: Terrorism and Counter Terrorism (3 credits)
Political Science 329: Political Psychology (3 credits)
Political Science 386: Politics of Development (3 credits)
Political Science 388: Global Environmental Politics (3 credits)
Political Science 393: International Organization (3 credits)
Sociology 3477: World Systems and Global Inequality (3 credits)

Elective Courses

The Civic Engagement Minor is intended to be of value to students from a wide array of majors who are interested in leadership, public service, and policies. The elective course is most likely, but does not have to be, from the student’s major. The courses listed below automatically qualify for this elective but this is not a definitive list of the courses which may qualify. Any CE Minor can petition the CE Minor Coordinator to approve a course not mentioned below count as their 3 credit elective course, providing that it deals in some important and substantial way with public policy, community engagement, ethical reasoning, or leadership skills, which the student will make clear in the petition. All of the listed courses are offered for 3 credits.

Business 321: Business Law I
Business 450: Environmental Management (cross listed with Environmental Studies)
Criminal Justice 358: Major Criminal Justice Issues
Communication 338: Freedom of Speech
Communication 422: History of American Public Address
Economics 307: Discrimination, Gender, and the Economy
Economics 319: Economics of Less Developed Countries
Economics 339: Urban and Regional Economic Policy
Educational Foundations 408: Foundations of American Education
Educational Foundations 412: Teaching as a Profession: Legal and Ethical Aspects
Environmental Studies 326: American Environmental History (cross listed)
Environmental Studies 355: Global Environmental History
Environmental Studies 375: Ecosocial Advocacy
Environmental Studies 450: Environmental Management (cross listed with Business)
Geography 321: Political Geography
Geography 414: Natural Resource Management
Health 315: Environmental Health
History 326: American Environmental History (cross listed with ES)
History 355: Global Environmental History (cross listed with ES)
History 385: African American History
History 386: Women in the United States
Human Services 340: Social Issues and Solutions in Human Services
Human Services 377: Family and Community Advocacy
International Studies 308: Revolution and Development
Nursing 437: Leadership and Management in Nursing
Philosophy 311: Bioethics
Philosophy 330: Business and Ethics
Public Administration 307: Administrative Law and Procedure
Public Administration 361: Campaign Management
Public Administration 364: Administrative Leadership and Behavior
Religious Studies 381: Terrorism and Religious Violence: Applications and Issues
Social Work 333: Poverty
Sociology 311: Sociology of the Modern City
Sociology 351: Criminology
Special Education 414: Advocacy, Family Empowerment, and Special Ed. Law
Urban Planning 317: Land Use Regulation
Women’s Studies 303: Women & Politics (cross-listed with PS) (if not used as part of the International Track requirement)
Women’s Studies 370: Women and the Law